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We have worked with several lenders over the years. So we have put together a list of a few that we can recommend their services.

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We’ll Find You The The Right Lender

If you’re not sure how to start, feel free to contact us and we will walk you thru the process.

We Work With Your Budget

 We are more than happy to work with you on making the best decision for your property and financial needs.  Just reach out and let us know your thoughts & ideas, so we can start creating plan to reach your goals.

List Your Property & Let Us Do the Rest

Our goal is to help YOU, meet ALL YOUR real estate needs. We will work with you thru the whole process and keep you informed and up to date along the way.

Lender List

I have been in the Lending industry for 15 years and would love to work with you for all your real estate lending needs.

Diana Davis

Mortgage Broker

Are you looking for a professional that will stay in contact with you for every step of the way. Then I’m the agent for you. Contact me today so I can schedule you for a consult.

Jessica Bowen

Loan Officer

A Real Estate Agency You Can Trust

Hello, and Welcome to this website.  Thank You for taking the time to visit and find out a little more about us and the team we work with.  Michael worked in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry for nearly 20 years while living in the San Diego and Orange County areas of Southern California before moving to Puerto Vallarta in early 2012.  Since then he has joined up with Iris and has made Mexico his home. Iris first started in the Real Estate Industry in Puerto Vallarta in 2000 for a local real estate office in their administration department.  Since starting there she has worked in various aspects of customer service in order to provide the best client experience possible.   

We have homes in Puerto Vallarta as well as Los Cabos, with Puerto Vallarta being our primary residence and Los Cabos being more of a vacation home at this time.  With the addition of business partners over the years, we have been able to stay active in both Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.  We would love the chance to answer any questions that you might have. We offer the combined perspective of an international team. We are here for You, don’t hesitate to call.


No Hidden Fees

You can always expect full transparency and disclosures on every part of your transaction. You will never have to worry about what is happening or how much it will cost. We will always been in close contact with you, and here for any questions you may have.




Browse For Free

Feel free to look around and let us know what you think so that we may best serve you in your property search.  Contact us when you’re ready and we will focus on finding you a property that is a match for your needs.




Free Property Value Assessments

If you are considering selling your property, let us help you discover your current market value and explore your options.  There are many factors that contribute to setting an accurate market value for a property.  We welcome the chance to go thru the process with you, and explain every step… Ultimately the choice is your.

Hot Listings

Take a look at these listing below.  Here you will find showcased some of the stand out listings from quick sales to turn-key rentals, and more …

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